10 Best Teen Shows of the 2000s

If the 90s were the golden age of teen television, the 2000s were a time of intense experimentation. Having captured the attention of the most loyal demographics, TV stations have consistently pushed the boundaries.

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Television networks continued to push controversy to make their flagship teen show a standout among the rest. From relatable and realistic stories that discussed teenage struggles to glamorous tales about the rich and famous, the 2000s offers a vast catalog of teen series to suit every viewer’s cravings.

ten Heroes have proven that the superhero genre can have a mature tone (2006)


NBC broadcast Hero. Hero is a superhero drama about a group of supernaturally talented individuals who band together to protect ordinary people with their powers. Hero’ The ensemble cast consisted of Hayden Panettiere as Claire, Milo Ventimiglia as Peter, and Masi Oka as Hiro, among others.

Hero ran for four seasons and spawned a short thirteen-episode miniseries, Hero Reborn. It served as a sequel to the original. The first season is credited with legitimizing the superhero genre as a mature, dark concept and would influence similar comic book-inspired television series to come.

9 One Tree Hill Turned Its Male Stars Into Teen Idols (2003)

A tree hill

In its heyday at the turn of the century, the WB created its flagship teen drama, A tree hill. He followed half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott, played by Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty. A tree hill showcased the drama that followed with their basketball careers, friends, family, and romances.

A tree hill ran for nine seasons, ending in 2012 after moving to The CW six years prior. It is often considered one of the greatest teen dramas of all time, being favorably compared to CO for its cast and characters. Murray won two Teen Choice Awards for his performance in A tree hill, one in 2004 and another in 2008.

8 Gilmore Girls follows a mother-daughter duo through their daily struggles (2000)

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel starred as mother and daughter in Gilmore girls. The WB comedy-drama followed the daily struggles of two women in the fictional town of Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its dialogue and characters, and ran for over 150 episodes.

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Gilmore Girls did not achieve particularly high viewership during its original run. However, Gilmore Girls gained popularity and cult status through syndicated reruns on US and international networks. Nine years after its 2007 finale, Netflix released a four-episode sequel that also aired on The CW.

seven Glee was known for his stances on social issues and his inspired musical covers (2009)

Joy created in 2009. Joy centered around McKinley High School’s glee club, a group of misfits who bond and fight over their love of music. The teen musical comedy-drama was created by american horror story showrunner, Ryan Murphy, and ran for six seasons on the Fox network.

Joy was extremely popular during its time on the air. Joy has been praised for its take on social issues like homophobia and teenage pregnancy, and for its covers of hit songs in a variety of genres. It also won four Primetime Emmy Awards and four Golden Globes in its early seasons.

6 Veronica Mars’ dedicated fandom made it a cult TV series (2004)

Veronique Mars

The brainchild of screenwriter Rob Thomas, Veronique Mars focused on the main character. She’s an ordinary teenage girl who moonlights as a private detective and is played by The right place star Kristen Bell. Veronique Mars originally ran for three seasons until 2007 before being renewed for a fourth season in 2019.

Veronique Mars was a critical darling from its debut, praised for its writing and acting. Despite its average ratings, Veronique Mars gained a dedicated and enthusiastic fandom that helped produce a movie sequel in 2014 through a Kickstarter campaign. Bell won a Saturn Award for her role in 2005.

5 The Vampire Diaries Suite The Vampire-Mania Started By The Twilight Series (2009)

The Vampire Diaries

Riding on top of the dusk mania, The CW has created its own supernatural romance called The Vampire Diaries. The teen series was based on the novel series of the same name. vampire diary starred Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert, a high school student from Mystic Falls, Virginia. She falls in love with a pair of vampire brothers.

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After eight successful seasons and various fan-voted awards, The Vampire Diaries ended its long-running run in 2017. Its high ratings led The CW to produce several spin-off shows, including those in 2018 Legacy, and 2013 The originals. The originals ran for five seasons and followed a group of former vampires who debuted in the original series.

4 Skins Discussed Controversial Subjects Honestly Despite Criticism (2007)


channel four Skins changed the game of teen television. Located in Bristol, England, Skins follows a group of sixth graders that deal with family, relationships, mental health and sexuality. It consisted of seven seasons, spanning from early 2007 to mid-2013.

Skins had an ever-changing ensemble cast divided into “generations”. Some of its best-known actors include Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, Dev Patel, and Daniel Kaluuya. Skins was controversial for its portrayal of adolescence, mostly praised for its raw and honest themes and criticized for its depictions of sex and drugs.

3 Degrassi: The Next Generation is the best-known entry in the Degrassi franchise (2001)

Degrassi The Next Generation

One of the oldest shows of all time, the Degrassi The franchise has followed the students of Degrassi Community School since 1979. Its most popular incarnation, Degrassi: the next generation, premiered in 2001 and ran for 385 episodes over 14 seasons.

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The next generation was known for his realism. He openly discussed various social issues like disability, bullying, racism and homosexuality. Degrassi: the next generation had a large cast that changed over the seasons, with notable members like singer-rapper Drake and Strain actress Lauren Collins.

2 Gossip Girl was the best teen show of the new millennium (2007)

Gossip Girl

Cecily Von Ziegesar’s book series about a ubiquitous New York blogger has been adapted into one of the most iconic and controversial teen series, Gossip Girl. The teen drama starred Blake Lively and Leighton Meester as Serena and Blair, two teenage socialites with too many secrets to count.

Gossip Girl has positioned itself as the “it” show for teens in the new millennium. Gossip Girl brought with it a slew of controversial content – sex scenes, glorified drug use and unlikable characters. Gossip Girl ran for six seasons and had Turkish, Indonesian, Mexican and Thai adaptations. In 2021, HBO Max premiered a self-titled sequel which was poorly received by fans and critics.

1 The OC Made the Young and the Rich Compelling Soap Characters (2003)


Before working on Gossip Girl, showrunner Josh Schwartz created the pop culture phenomenon known as CO Set in titular Orange County, the teen soap opera centered on Ryan Atwood, his wealthy adoptive brother, Seth Cohen. CO also introduced their romantic interests Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts.

On the tracks of Beverly Hills, 90210, The OC is credited with increasing the demand for television programs about the young and the wealthy. CO ran for four seasons before being canceled in 2007. Like its sister show Gossip Girl, CO was adapted for the Thai and Turkish markets ten years after the finale.

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