10 Incredible Sci-Fi Shows With The Worst First Impressions

It’s rare that a TV show can survive a disappointing opening. Shows with poorly received first seasons, or even poorly received pilots, rarely prove successful enough to get a second chance. Nonetheless, some shows manage to recover from a lackluster start and become beloved programs in their own right.

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This can happen to sci-fi TV shows as much as any other genre. Whether they’re focusing on better scripts, ditching bad characters, or just improving the quality of their writing, there are some truly great shows that made for horrible first impressions.

ten Legends Of Tomorrow Saddles Up With Bad Characters

Legends of tomorrow has a lot to offer from the start, highlighting it as an interesting entry into the Arrowverse. It gives a second chance to several minor characters that viewers want to see more of, while also being fun and comedic. However, its first season is held back by major cast members.

Legends of tomorrow the main protagonists are Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and its main villain is Vandal Savage. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are considered overly distressed and not particularly relatable by fans. Savage is seen as a generic, boring villain with disappointing goals. Starting with the second season, the show is a non-stop fun game, but it has to go through a few bad characters first.

9 The first episode of Black Mirror revolves around bestiality

black mirror is considered a fascinating science fiction anthology series, which explores the relationship humans have with abusive technology. Its first story features very little of the cynical and dark tone of the series. black mirror pilot is a political story following the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and takes place in the present day without fantasy elements.

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However, that’s not the most alienating part of the first episode. Unlike the more speculative plots of later episodes,The national anthem “focuses on blackmailing the Prime Minister into having a date with a pig, live on television. Although it has generated a lot of discussion, the premise is uncomfortable and far from the typical nature of the series.

8 Doctor Who’s Revival has a laughable pilot

Doctor Who has a long history, but its content before and after its 2005 reboot is so different that many consider them two very different series. 2005 Doctor Who is the first exposure many have to the show, including newcomers who don’t want to watch decades of TV. However, it starts with a very poor performance.

The pilot episode, “Rose,” brings an old enemy back to the Autons, but does so in a way that’s very hard to take seriously. The threat of the plastic dummies is unconvincing and involves several scenes with poor CGI and effects. The next episodes aren’t much better. Many fans believe the series picks up with its fifth episode, “Dalek.”

seven Farscape fails to build its impressive storyline

At its peak, Farscape is a thrilling sci-fi adventure with an ever-changing storyline set in a unique universe. However, its early episodes are a far cry from the top of the series. While hints of what makes the show great can be seen, much of the early episodes are devoted to slowly introducing the universe, with a focus on central character John Crichton.

These two aspects would continue to be appreciated, but they drag out the first episodes. Not much happens, and Crichton spends much of the first season being a pretty unlikable character. Farscape picks up steam after a few episodes, but much of its first season can be a chore to watch.

6 Agents of SHIELD have to deal with being a companion

In its first episodes, Agents of SHIELD. struggles to play second fiddle to movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nothing can happen to avoid upsetting the continuity of the films, but the ties are not reciprocal. Secondary characters from the films only appear briefly in the series.

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The series is clunky and oddly static. It was only after the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier destroying most of SHIELD that the series actually has room to breathe. From there, the series becomes its own entity, entertaining in its own right and telling its own stories, but these early episodes don’t do it justice.

5 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Starts Smooth

After two universally appreciated films, the quality of terminator movies are considered to drop so sharply that out of the four possible time frames after Terminator 2: Judgment Day, JThe Sarah Connor Chronicles is considered the best. The show is a good translation from movies to TV, with entertaining action and fascinating characters.

After an interesting pilot, The Sarah Connor Chronicles becomes a weirdly bland series of loosely connected episodes that don’t ask tough questions or shock viewers. However, the show picks up with the introduction of Derek Reese and his dive into darker morality, slowly becoming one of the show’s best episodes. terminator franchise.

One of the longest running science fiction shows in the UK, red dwarf is a parody series with a devoted cult fan base. It follows the crew of the titular ship as they live a slacker life in a distant universe. The series often functions as a sitcom. red dwarf has a long streak of beloved content that begins with its second season.

However, its first season struggles with the general inexperience of many of its actors, none of whom were comedic actors by trade at the time. Additionally, the series is hampered by an uncertain approach to its tone. These issues all resolve after a few episodes, but they make the early episodes a poor representation of the show.

3 Star Trek: The Next Generation takes a season to escape the shadow of its parents

Although it is now considered by many to be the best iteration of star trekfans weren’t convinced in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The legacy of Star Trek: The Original Series looms over the entirety of the series’ early episodes, not helped by the fact that several episodes use star trek scripts.

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Character personalities take a long time to come together and are generally less likable, and The next generation takes an overly cautious approach to inter-character conflicts and deep moral questions. The entire first season can go on forever, but the second and subsequent seasons are considered some of the best quality increases of any show.

2 Torchwood focuses way too much on character angst

Torchwoodthe whole premise is to serve as a more adult version of its parent show Doctor Who, moving away from family audiences to focus on sex, violence, and the dark side of the universe. Sometimes it does this wonderfully well, but its previous episodes are largely duds.

Too much of the series focuses on character tragedies, which are exaggerated to an almost comedic degree. Some actors make unpopular choices and seem to make their lives miserable. While the seasons like Children of the Earth are considered exceptional television, the previous episodes are a little too much like a soap opera.

1 Stargate SG-1 takes a long time to become something

Following the stargate film, Stargate SG-1 is the franchise’s first foray into television. Although it is a much-loved show in its own right and leading into other beloved shows like Atlantis Stargateits early episodes are a bland, identityless affair. Stargate SG-1 seems unsure of which story arcs or mythos he wants to follow.

Much of the first season is a slow-moving affair that feels a little too much like a clone of star trek, because it has nothing to distinguish itself. Later episodes hint at the character and myth-driven spectacle the franchise grows into, but it takes a while to Stargate SG-1 to succeed.

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