10 movies and shows where you’ve seen the cast

Netflix’s latest original film has already captivated audiences simply for the fact that it stars Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg as vampire hunters. Released on August 12, Day shift manages to find a new twist on the vampire genre that excites viewers. While the premise is intriguing, it’s the cast that really stands out.

Foxx is an acclaimed actor while Snoop Dogg is someone who is always a treat to see in a movie role. They’re joined by an interesting cast of supporting cast including up-and-coming talent, TV stars, veteran artists, and other recognizable faces.


Scott Adkins – Triple Threat (2019)

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Scott Adkins is one of those actors you’ve probably seen in a bunch of movies but don’t really know the name. He’s kind of a star actor with roles in Ninja, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Expendables 2and even a supporting role in 2016 strange doctor. This story makes him an ideal choice to join Day shift.

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In this film, Adkins plays Diran Nazarian, who fights alongside Foxx’s character and other vampire hunters. He has an affinity for swords and melee weapons more than guns. For a glimpse of Adkins in one of his best, most action-packed performances, you can watch Triple Threat where he plays Collins, a terrorist antagonist.

Steve Howey – Shameless (2011-2020)

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Most people first saw Steve Howey when he played scene-stealing Van in the hilarious sitcom Reba. Most of her career has remained on the small screen, including her most iconic role which came in Showtime’s American adaptation of the British comedy-drama. Shameless.

There he played Kevin, the show‘s main family next-door neighbor who was always seen with his beloved wife V and the two shared electric chemistry. In Day shift, Howey is Mike Nazarian, brother of Diran of Adkins. Both are legendary hunters known for their badass nature.

Meagan Good – Think Like a Man (2012)

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It’s hard to look at a year and not spot something that featured Meagan Good in some capacity. Of Cousin Skeeter and Friday at V-saw and Shazam!, she’s appeared all over the place in all sorts of genres. Her best performance may have come in the romantic comedy think like a man.

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In this film, she portrayed Mya, a woman who takes a slow approach with her new boyfriend to make sure he likes her. She also reprized the role in the sequel. Here, Good is Jocelyn Jablonski, the ex-wife of protagonist Blud who plans to move in with her daughter after years of lying and deception.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo – The Voyeurs (2021)

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Rising star Natasha Liu Bordizzo first made a name for herself in the popular but canceled too soon Netflix series The society. Since that show ended, she’s added some impressive credits to her name and landed the thrilling role of Sabine Wren in Ahsoka, marking the character’s live-action debut.

Still, a great place to see her shine is in The Voyeurs, where she plays Julia, a woman the protagonist bonds with after spying on Julia’s boyfriend who cheated on her. Bordizzo brings sympathy to the role even if the story takes unexpected twists. She brings that energy to Day shift as Heather, a friend and confidante of the protagonist.

Karla Souza – How to Get Away With Murder (2014-2020)

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Any good action horror movie needs a villain and this movie has an intriguing one in Audrey. She’s a “super” vampire who walks by day thanks to a special sunscreen she invented and who uses her real estate empire to help ensure the rise of vampires across Los Angeles.

Audrey is played by Karla Souza and you can tell the actor had a blast with the role. She spent several years playing the role of Laurel Castillo in the famous ABC drama series How to escape murder. As the show progressed, his role expanded and Souza nailed every aspect of his growing character.

Snoop Dogg – Practice Day (2001)

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Obviously, Snoop Dogg is a legend in the music industry, but he’s also become a pop culture icon. He hosts numerous shows and has appeared in a handful of films. The most acclaimed of all is easily training daywhere he got to share the screen with Denzel Washington in his Oscar-winning lead performance.

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In this film, Snoop Dogg plays a small role as Blue, a drug dealer from whom Denzel’s character derives information. His role in Day shift is much bigger because he plays Big John Elliott, Blud’s old friend who helps him re-enter the union. He is also a legendary hunter.

Dave Franco – Now You See Me (2013)

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After years of small parts, including a wink and you’ll miss its appearance in super badDave Franco eventually started landing bigger roles during the 2010s. Probably his biggest was The Disaster Artist but Now you see me was actually the one most people remember him from.

The film is about a group of magician thieves and sees Franco as Jack, the youngest member of the team. He also reprized the role in the sequel. In Day shiftFranco plays Seth, a desk jockey who is assigned to watch Blud during his probation but finds himself way in over his head.

Jamie Foxx – Spider-Man: No Coming Home (2021)

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A veteran actor like Jamie Foxx has racked up roles throughout his long filmography. He made his Marvel film debut in 2014 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the villainous Electro but the film did not meet with the best reviews. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to redeem the character in Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

Foxx brought charisma to the action-packed role and that’s exactly what serves him well in Day shift. It’s about Blud, the main character who returns to vampire bounty hunting to earn big bucks for his family.

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