10 TV shows that underwent a major retooling in the middle of a season

A retool – not the same as a reboot – is when a show stays in the same continuity, but decides to change things quite drastically in a way more influenced by events behind the camera, rather than any consequence. logic of the show’s story.

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Low ratings, unpopular characters, or changes to better accommodate the competition are common reasons for a retool to occur. Re-tools often involve changes in the script of the show, changing the premises or characters of the show, or even changing the entire format of the show. Often these occur between seasons, as a natural stopping point. In extreme circumstances, sometimes it just happens mid-season, with one episode suddenly being very different from what came before.

ten The Mentalist made things happen in season 6

Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon following the ellipse The Mentalist

For its first five seasons, The mentalist had several plots going on – including Patrick Jane’s character development, his relationship with Teresa Lisbon, and the hunt for serial killer Red John. The mentalist ‘The sixth season saw a massive reveal halfway through, which saw the series change almost entirely afterwards.

After Red John was killed, the director of the CBI organization was revealed to be a traitor working with him, seeing everything stop. As such, halfway through the sixth season, The mentalist saw a two-year time jump. This change in timeline was followed by a change of scenery, cast – despite retaining the same main characters – and a switch to the standard Crime of the Week format.

9 Bill tried to reinvent himself

Police officers in uniform from Bill TV

The law project was one of the UK’s oldest shows, a serialized police proceeding with thousands of episodes. The law project Tracked an ever-changing team of police officers through the week’s crime scenarios. It has undergone several retools over the course of its long life, including moving towards full serialization – each episode following two crimes, one of which would end on a cliffhanger in each episode.

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Most of them, like most retooling, happened between seasons. In its twenty-fifth season, however, starting with the mid-term episode Live by the sword, The law project has taken a drastic turn. The law project settled down after the 9pm turn to show more adult content, replaced the theme melody, and removed several characters. The changes turned out to be controversial and did not support the show as hoped.

8 Angel has a little re-tool to close

Angel Investigations Team Confronts Angel Over Apparent Corruption on Angel 'Power Play' Show

Buffy spin off angel has reorganized itself more than once, from a supernatural black-themed show to an arc-based urban fantasy series in its second season. In Angel’s fifth season, it switched to a monster week format, which also saw the cast working for their former enemies, Wolfram and Hart.

When angel was suddenly canceled in its fifth season, however, angel made several changes that had all the characteristics of a re-tool. The ongoing storyline of the team’s slow corruption at the hands of Wolfram and Hart has been dropped. Lindsay has become a major character on the side of the team. Finally, a sudden intrigue on an ancient conspiracy was introduced to provide a satisfying final enemy.

seven Ellen saw the cast and the setting changes

Ellen DeGeneres and Mary Tyler Moore in the Ellen Bookstore sitcom

The sitcom Ellen is best known for making Ellen DeGeneres a household name and for her defining coming out moment in The puppy episode. Initially, however, it was intended as a version Seinfeld known as These friends of mine, DeGeneres being the focal point of the Jerry Seinfeld-style show.

Half-way EllenThe first season of, he took a break to adjust the reviews. While the name will remain for the rest of the first season, some characters have been dropped and others have been introduced. Some of the action moved to the bookstore where Ellen worked, increasing her notoriety.

6 Fear the Walking Dead somewhat defeats its pre-season 4 re-tool

Morgan Jones unites with fellow Fear the Walking Dead cast

Due to its critical response and often tumultuous audience, Fear the living dead has undergone more than a reorganization in an attempt to respond to criticism. Fear the living dead has been revamped to stand out in its own right from its parent series and to refresh an outdated premise.

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The start of Season 4 saw one of the Fear the living deadthe most drastic re-tools, by changing the orientation of the program to The walking dead character, Morgan Jones, traveling across America. He also added several storylines and a western tone. Halfway through, the jarring nature of these changes is mitigated by the fact that Morgan meets some of the Fear the living deadolder characters. At this point, its theme and format change again to better resemble the older seasons.

5 Emmerdale took the deadly approach to reinvention

Characters watching the fateful plane crash in Emmerdale

Sometimes writers decide to rock a show with a mass event. It gives instant storylines about grieving and broken families, allows for the introduction of new characters and more subtle changes to go unnoticed.

british soap opera Emmerdale, initially known as a lighter sitcom about farmers, completed its transition to a darker, more daring show with Beckindale Air Disaster. Featuring a plane crashing into the village of Emmerdale, four main characters were killed and half of the village demolished. Accompanied by changes of key and story, Emmerdale became almost unrecognizable.

4 It’s time he overturned his premise

Astronauts meeting cavemen in It's About Time

In many cases, a retool stems from a change in the very premise of the show, which many would consider a drastic step. Comedy show It’s time followed a pair of astronauts standing in prehistoric times. Focusing on the fact that they are out of place and attempting to civilize the cavemen seemed like a solid plot.

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In the middle of the season, the astronauts shuttle was repaired and they returned home. They brought with them a pair of underground cave men, and It’s time became that the cavemen were out of place and were trying to hide them from the government. It’s time would only see one season, leaving almost half of its existence after retooling.

3 The studio requested a change to the format of Sleepy Hollow

A promotional image for Sleepy Hollow Season 2

The first season and a half of Sleeping hollow follows an extended version of the story for which the titular city is best known: the efforts to stop the Headless Horseman and his master from causing the End of Days.

After a while of it running the plot, Sleeping hollow sees a shift in its second season to a Monster of the Week format, and instead follows the main characters as they face a host of supernatural threats. This re-tool had fewer scenarios running. The leaders hinted that they had mandated the change, which for some time supported Sleeping hollow‘s critical reception.

2 The event reduced its similarities to lost

The main characters of the TV show Event

The impact Lost on contemporary television cannot be underestimated, with many shows attempting to imitate aspects of the Lostdazzling success. The event follows a group of people intertwined in a series of events that would surely lead to the unexplained titular event. The event tried to imitate Lost’It’s a confusing storytelling, focusing overwhelmingly on flashbacks and non-linear storylines.

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This resulted in low marks for The event, many finding that it lacked the substance to support the style, among the smaller issues. Following an interruption, The event resumed its first season in a much more linear style. This, coupled with an overall improvement in writing, took it to a second season.

1 Agents of SHIELD had no choice but to re-equip

Coulson and May take on HYDRA in Agents of Shield 'Turn, Turn, Turn'

One of the dangers of creating a show in a shared cinematic universe is that the events of that universe can force you to tell stories. Agents of SHIELD is known for his initial struggles as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shield Agents debuted shortly before Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which destroys SHIELD in its prime.

As a result, after sixteen episodes of the team working within the organization, the episode Turn, turn, Turn shows the destruction of SHIELD. The characters were forced into hiding without the support of the UN Security Council. Despite an unstable start after restarting, Shield Agents would eventually take on its full meaning.

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