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Belinda shows what’s under her pants with her hands up | Instagram

Really beautiful!. Belinda once again dazzled her followers on social networks with her beauty, this by sharing a photograph in which she posed like a professional in front of the camera and hands in pants.

Belinda Peregrin Schull She was more than beautiful with the pants, which of course is not just any pants and on her figure, it is really spectacular. The beautiful naturalized Mexican singer chose for the photograph a set of gray pants that has nothing to do with what we are used to seeing.

The beautiful bride of Christian nodal He dressed with the soft gray pants at the hip and with some red accessories, on the other hand, at the top we do not find a sweatshirt as we can usually see, but a kind of top made of the same fabric as the pants, but Raising the hands of the beautiful Belinda, she shows that underneath she is wearing a top with silver sequins which gives a more than glamorous touch to the outfit of the beautiful singer and actress.

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The photograph perfectly captured the figure of the famous singer of Luz sin Gravity, highlighting her beauty and her totally flat and well-worked belly. The image of the beautiful Beli was complemented by her loose, perfectly styled hair in waves; also with makeup that made her even more beautiful.

The artist’s followers liked the image so much that they took it over to share on the singer’s fans’ social networks so that others can appreciate her beauty as well. Belinda is one of the most recognized young singers in Mexico, her beauty and talent have kept her in the taste of the audience that has grown up with her for a long time.

Belinda shows what’s under her pants, hands up. Photo: Instagram.

Belinda She began her career at a young age in children’s telenovelas on Televisa, the most famous of which is undoubtedly Complices à la Rescousse, a telenovela that she left unfinished and in which she was replaced by actress Daniella Luján.

The abandonment of the soap opera was due to the singer’s commitments, since they had postponed it and she already had other contracts that would launch her as a soloist, totally a success.

After that, Belinda’s career took off with great notoriety and success and she even ended up putting aside her acting talent to devote herself fully to what she is passionate about: her music. But Beli goes further and launches into directing, as was the case in the clip La Sinvergüenza by her dear Christian Nodal in a duet with Banda MS.

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