Best and Worst Summer TV Shows, Decisions – Winners and Losers 2022

In summer, when the weather is nice… the television landscape is typically screen with reruns. But in the #PeakTV era, streamers and cable companies have improved the game, sometimes for the better and sometimes for… less-better. That means it’s time to take stock of the winners, losers and those who landed somewhere in between.

With over 100 series and seasons premiering this summer, the annual mixed bag was truly overflowing with “off-season” fare. There were shiny new gems to be found, like Hulu’s the bearPrime Video The summer when I became pretty and the new from HBO Max little liarsand a few big swings that smelled right out the door.

You had highly anticipated launches, including game of thrones and the Lord of the Rings prequels, the first stranger things season in three years and You better call Saulthe farewell race, as well as the return of some summer reality TV staples.

And beyond just rolling out firsts and finals, executive decisions were made that were, at times, well, bald.

Review our list of summer TV winners and losers (and a handful of draws), recognizing that not every show deserves an attendance trophy, then weigh in with your own unique and valid opinions!

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