Bethenny Frankel Recalls ‘Crazy Experience’ With Lisa Kudrow On Talk Show – News Film |

Bethenny Frankel has recalled the “crazy” encounter she had with Lisa Kudrow on her talk show.

Over the weekend, Spencer Pratt went on a TikTok rant about the Friends actress, claiming she was rude and told her he had ‘serial killer eyes’ during a party in 2009. In response to the post, Bethenny wrote, “That’s crazy. She was on my talk show and I had a crazy experience too.”

Following questions from fans, the businesswoman posted a TikTok on Monday in which she detailed her “Phoebe story” – referencing Lisa’s iconic character Phoebe Buffay while filming her talk show. Titled Bethenny, the daytime program ran for nearly a year from 2013.

“(Lisa) stood out as the person who wanted to be there the least of anyone during the whole race. It was like I walked up to her at the supermarket to interview her, and she was like, ‘What? for me in the frozen food section,’ but it was on a talk show set,” she recalled. “Basically, I was just asking her very basic normal questions, and you could tell she didn’t just didn’t want to be there, so there are two of us.”

Bethenny went on to insist that she believed Lisa was a “lovely person” and a “wonderful actress.”

“I’m not engaging in anything with her or anything with Spencer in any way,” the 51-year-old continued. “I just saw her comment, and it was funny because (it was) a weird random memory for me, just a very, very memorable time with her on my talk show. Because she didn’t want to be interviewed, which interferes with an interview.

A rep for Lisa, 59, has yet to comment on Bethenny or Spencer’s claims.

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