Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me launches new spin-off show for professional chefs

Come Dine With Me: Professionals will see a host of trained chefs compete to be named the best restaurant in town in Channel 4’s new culinary crown jewel.

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Come Dine With Me gets its own spin-off show on Channel 4.

Viewers of the original format are used to seeing amateur chefs duke it out over poured souffles and sleazy decor – but things are about to get a whole lot more serious.

Come Dine With Me: The Professionals will feature the best chefs in the business as they compete to be named the best restaurant in town.

Producer Tim Carter, of MultiStory Media, said: “For 15 glorious years, we’ve celebrated the culinary creations and epic fails that spring from home kitchens across the country.

‘Now, as they recover from the hard knocks of the past two years, Come Dine With Me is encouraging UK restaurants with its usual note of love to gastronomic endeavour.’

Come Dine With Me is a jewel in Channel 4’s culinary crown


Channel 4)

The rules of the new show, which is still happily narrated by Dave Lamb, are simple.

Each episode will feature three local restaurants cooking up a storm to be won – as well as a cash prize to be shared among the staff.

Two people will represent each restaurant, for example the head waiter and the head chef, who will greet their rivals as they hope to cook for money.

The dinner takes place on a regular evening at the restaurant, so contestants will have the chance to see the ambiance, the food and the gaffe service.

At the end of each meal, visitors will mark the evening on 20.

A source told The Sun: “Viewers love the authenticity of the show, whether it’s a dreadful and blinding dinner through a kitchen failure or as they struggle to contain their emotions following. at a loss.

“We expect less of that in The Professionals – but who knows?

“The stakes are higher because the reputation of the place is at stake – and local rivalries may already exist.”

The stakes are going to be much higher


Channel 4)

The Mirror has reached out to representatives for Come Dine With Me for comment.

Channel 4 Head of Daytime and Features Jo Street said of the series: “Come Dine with Me continues to be one of Channel 4’s best loved programs with many memorable dinners served in across the UK in over 2,000 episodes.

“CDWM: The Professionals promises to really raise the stakes and we’re delighted to bring this new expansion to Channel 4 in 2022 to complement existing favorites Come Dine with Me and Couples Come Dine with Me.”

Come Dine With Me: The Professionals will debut on Channel 4 and All 4 later this year.

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