Classic engines on display at the Brownhills Church Exhibition

Craig Painter with his classic Mini with a Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle engine

Brownhills Methodist Church was the setting for more than 50 different cars at a Classic Cars and Coffee event on Silver Street.

There were Minis, Aston Martin Vantages, classic BMWs and a host of other cars on display, with drivers coming from all over the region to take part in the fundraising event.

Tom Carter with his Mini with a Rover K Series turbo engine

The church also put out food like cheese and onion ears and cakes during the day, raising £825 for the church’s redevelopment fund.

Craig Painter brought his Mini with a Suzuki Hyabusa motorcycle engine to the event and said it was a great day.

“Today was a great day with lots of enthusiasts and great weather and a great opportunity to show off my hybrid car, which is a bit special and brings the crowds together,” he said.

“The church also held a big event, with everyone who came being placed in the grounds as soon as they arrived, along with refreshments and tea and coffee during the day.

“There were also a lot of people who came and they really enjoyed themselves, asked about the car and also asked when the next event was going to be.

A row of classic minis sit outside Brownhills Methodist Church

Mr Painter said classic car shows were particularly popular because they evoked a sense of nostalgia in people.

He said: “I think people like to see a classic car from days gone by because there are dads with young kids who say ‘Oh, I owned one’ and younger guys who are still interested to classic things.

“The good thing about this type of event is that it’s not like a concours event because we like to drive our cars, rather than just putting them on a trailer and taking them to an event. and never drive them.

“For me, the fun is driving and events like this are perfect for showing up in your car, showing it to people, and then driving home.”

An Aston Martin Vantage sits outside

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