Ellen DeGeneres shares how her astrologer predicted the success of her daytime talk show


The Ellen DeGeneres Show hit 3,000 episodes last week and the titular host joined The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s 914th episode last night (May 4) to pay tribute to her former neighbor who saw it all coming.

“She was an astrologer,” DeGeneres said, “and it was during my drought – my three years without working at all after coming out – and I just didn’t think I would work again because it didn’t look like About a year after being unable to find a job, she wanted to read my charts or astrology, and she told me that when I was 45, I was going to start a whole new career, and that was fine. be more successful than anything I’ve ever done, and it could last 20 years if I wanted to. “

The 63-year-old continued, “I was like, ‘What sitcom is 20 years long?’ I wasn’t even thinking of a talk show. At 45 I started this talk show, and it’s been 19 now. I’ll start a new career at 45. I just think that doesn’t happen in this city.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show debuted on September 8, 2003, with Jennifer Aniston as the first guest. Prior to that, DeGeneres played the role of Ellen Morgan in a TV series Ellen from 1994-98. In “The Puppy Episode” (1997), his character turned gay, which doubled his outing in real life and led the industry to shy away from him.


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