Every Current American Talk Show Host Ranked By Net Worth


While late night shows are perhaps the most popular talk shows on television, daytime talk shows are certainly growing in popularity. Unlike the late night which tends to be more political in nature, daytime talk shows bring all the good news we can handle. They are also known to have some pretty amazing guests and fun segments.

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The other big advantage of daytime talk shows is that the hosts tend to be female, unlike the late night which is always dominated by male hosts. However, just like late night hosts, each daytime host brings their own unique style and personality to their shows.

Read on to find out if your favorite daytime host has the highest net worth.

Tamron Hall – $ 5 million

Tamron Hall hosts its talk show

Tamron Hall is the new TV personality to land his own daytime talk show in 2019. Before hosting Tamron Room Airing on ABC, Hall has spent much of his career in the news world as a national correspondent for NBC News and the Today’s show. Additionally, Hall was also a news anchor for several years.

With his vast experience in the news and his new role as host, Hall is estimated to have a net worth of $ 5 million. Don’t forget to log in to Tameron room daily on your local ABC-owned television network.

Wendy Williams – $ 40 million

Wendy Williams hosts a show

Wendy Williams made her radio debut where she remained for several years. During her radio stint, Williams became a successful DJ and was praised for her candid discussions about her own life. It was an interview with Whitney Houston that helped take Williams’ career to the next level.

William landed her own talk show in 2008 and she continues to host the show today. It has carved out a place for itself by focusing on entertainment news during its “hot topics” segments. William’s is estimated at $ 40 million.

Kelly Clarkson – $ 45 million

Kelly Clarkson hosts a talk show

Kelly Clarkson is no stranger to the world of television, having gotten her big shot in winning the very first season of American Idol in 2002. Her career took off after being crowned winner and she has since released eight full albums which have brought her to life. have won three Grammy Awards.

In addition to her successful singing career, Clarkson has also made a name for herself in the film and television industry by lending her voice to animated films and appearing as a judge on voice. In 2019, she landed her own talk show on NBC, which earned her her first daytime Emmy. With all of these accolades combined, Clarkson is valued at $ 45 million.

Dr. Oz – $ 100 million

Dr. Oz hosts a show

One of the few men on daytime television is none other than Dr Mehmet Oz from The Dr Oz show. Dr Oz spent much of his previous career outside of the television world as a cardiothoracic surgeon and later a professor at Columbia University.

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Dr. Oz’s first TV show was Second opinion with Dr. Oz which aired on Discovery for one season. The show only lasted one season, but it kicked off her relationship with Oprah Winfrey, who was her first guest on the show. After that, Dr Oz regularly appeared on Oprah Winfrey before landing his own talk show produced by Winfrey. Dr. Oz is now estimated at $ 100 million.

Rachel Ray – $ 100 million

Rachel Ray hosts a talk show

If doctors can find a home on daytime talk shows, so can chefs, which is exactly what Rachel Ray did. Before starting her career in television, Ray worked as a chef for various restaurants, which is where she came up with the idea for “30 Minute Meals”. The idea landed its own show on Food Network which ran for 11 seasons.

Much like Dr. Oz, Ray had his own daytime talk show after appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show for several years. In addition to his television work, Ray has also published 28 cookbooks covering a variety of topics. It is worth around $ 100 million.

Kelly Ripa – $ 120 million

Kelly Ripa hosts a show

There is no denying that Kelly Ripa has made a name for herself in the world of daytime television. However, before becoming a daytime talk show host, Ripa appeared in the daytime soap opera. All my kids for over a decade. Ripa was co-anchor on Live! since 2001 alongside Regis Philbin, Michael Strahan and now Ryan Seacrest.

In addition to her long career in daytime television, Ripa has appeared on the prime-time series. Hope for faith and has also appeared in several films over the years. She also has her own production company alongside her husband. With all of that combined, Ripa is worth around $ 120 million.

Drew Barrymore – $ 125 million

Drew Barrymore hosts a show

Drew Barrymore made her debut very young after appearing in the Spielberg classic in 1982 AND the alien. Since then, Berrymore has had an extremely successful career in the film industry, appearing in several films. She is also well known for her professional relationship with Adam Sandler.

While Barrymore favored film, she was also successful on television and in 2020 she landed her own talk show. The Drew Barrymore Show which airs on CBS. Barrymore currently has a net worth of $ 125 million, making her the second richest female talk show currently on the air.

Ellen DeGeneres – $ 330 million

Ellen hosts her show

Since Oprah Winfrey left daytime television, you could argue that Ellen DeGeneres has become the most popular daytime talk show host – or at least she was until the recent controversies surrounding his show be revealed. Still, Ellen remains one of the basic hosts of daytime television.

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DeGeneres made her debut as an actress where she went on to appear on Tonight’s show with Johnny Carson. Although she rarely performs standing up, she continues to practice comedy both in her talk show and in the film and television roles she takes on. It is currently worth around $ 330 million.

Ryan Seacrest – $ 450 million

Ryan Seacrest hosts life with Kelly and Ryan

Ryan Seacrest’s estimated net worth of $ 450 million should come as no surprise considering he’s considered one of Hollywood’s hardest working men. Although Seacrest didn’t debut as a daytime TV host, he has since become a co-host alongside Kelly Ripa on Live!

Prior to appearing on the daytime talk show, Seacrest was best known for hosting iHeartMedia’s KIIS-Gm morning radio show, as well as Fox and ABC. American idol. He has also made a name for himself producing reality TV shows like Follow the Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset, and Married to Jonas.

Dr. Phil – $ 460 million

Dr. Phil hosting a show

Dr Oz isn’t the only doctor to take charge of the television during the day, in fact Dr Phil did it first. Before starting his own daytime talk show, Dr Phil practiced psychology alongside his father in their family practice. He also started his own essay consulting film in 1990, which led him to begin a professional relationship with Oprah Winfrey.

Like Dr Oz and Ellen, Winfrey helped launch Dr Phil’s own TV show in September 2002. Unlike the other talk shows on this list, Dr Phil is more of an advice show. Dr. Phil is estimated to be worth $ 460 million.

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