First Look: NBC’s New Daytime Series ‘Karamo’ Airs September 19 –

Karamo” will be the first monday september 19. A new daily, ahour-long talk show featuring reality TV personality, author, actor, producer and activist Karamo. It will be broadcast on stations at the top markets through country.

Karamo bring his enthusiastic, charismatic and fresh voice to daytime television. The show will feature the best elements of the day drama while using her unique personal journey and innate ability to link. “Karamo” will authentically address a wide range of topics, including infidelity, race, parenthood and complex family dynamic.

The talk show is inspired by his work in social services emphasize the importance of amplifying different identities and perspectives. Like a Black man, openly homosexual, son of immigrant parents, a Christian or a single father, Karamo authentically harnesses the strength of their many identities to connect deeply with their guests.

My biggest goal is to help and connect with people from all walks of life,” States Karamo.

At a time linear and digital, KaramoThe fresh voice of has a broad appeal where conflict meets compassion as he delivers thoughtful, genuine advice to each of his guests. “Karamofeatures a studio audience that is an integral part of the show. From outrageous opinions of the public to probing questions for the gueststheir participation provides a high-energy layer of narration.

Of Stamford, Connecticut, “Karamo” is produced and distributed by NBCUniversal Syndication Studios and Stamford Media Center Productions.

Check out the first preview!

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