Gordon Ramsay adds daytime cooking show on ITV, “The Nightly Show” – deadline


Thirteen years after launching Hell’s Kitchen on ITV, Gordon Ramsay returns to the UK TV network with two new shows and a massive hosting gig.

Through his recently launched Studio Ramsay, a joint venture with All3Media, the famous British chef and television personality will produce Culinary engineering, a new daily culinary show-contest during the day, as well as a documentary series during prime time. Additionally, Ramsay has been selected to host ITV’s new limited-air daily talk show. The evening show, which will air at 10 p.m. for eight weeks with eight different hosts.

ITV has ordered 20 one-hour episodes of Culinary Engineering, an original format. In each episode of the show, which will run daily for four weeks, nine amateur cooks will battle each other through a range of challenges for a cash prize and the title of Culinary Genius. The show will feature a different professional guest chef each week, starting with Ramsay who will appear the first week.

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“It’s a high octane show that takes place in a Thunderdome style arena, with the audience seated in anticipation as nine people with knives enter the octagon,” Ramsay told Deadline. The nine will be reduced to six, then to three who will compete in a 30-minute preparation.

There is already interest in the format by US networks, Ramsay said. Culinary engineering is not part of Ramsay’s extensive deal with Fox Broadcast Co., which includes his current series Hell’s kitchen, Chef, MasterChef Jr. as well as the next The word F. (Under the pact, Ramsey also produced and starred in Fox’s version of his Kitchen nightmares, which spanned 10 years between the US and UK.)

In light of the success of the junior version of Ramsay’s popular cooking competition series Chef, his Ramsay Studios are also considering a potential offshoot of children from Culinary genius.

No details are provided on Ramsay Studios’ prime-time documentary series for ITV, described as “punchy.” In addition to producing, Ramsay will present the series.

“The documentaries I make for my own personal ambitions – every time I do something brilliant I have to do something raw,” said Ramsay, who has previously made documentaries on topics such as the illegal trade in sharks with Shark bait. “I constantly test myself to go back to the drawing board to make a difference. “

Both the documentary series and Culinary engineering will be distributed by All3Media International.


Culinary engineering is one of the first series to come out of Studio Ramsay, which Ramsay launched with All3Media last spring. He and his team are also working on several other unscripted shows for various platforms and have put together a roster of young country chefs from around the world. “It’s an incredible pool of next-gen chef talent, and we’re developing new series ideas for them,” said Ramsay.

Ramsay will be a guest host for a week of The evening show, ITV’s new mid-hour weekday entertainment series, which will temporarily push the network’s staple News at ten at 10:30 p.m. He is the second host announced for the eight-week race, joining David Williams, who had been selected for launch week.

night show

The evening show, produced by Second Act Prods., will feature a topical monologue, studio games, celebrity guests and pre-recorded segments. Ramsay is already eager to get started, telling Deadline on Friday all the jokes he thought about while watching coverage of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s visit with US President Donald Trump.

Ramsay says he’s a huge fan of late-night American television, noting James Corden Late show and that of Jimmy Fallon Tonight’s show. Would he ever want to pursue a full-time career?

“Talk shows are something that have always interested me,” he said. “Someday, when I’m done with the food, that’s something I’d like to do. I like to be relevant, to tackle cutting edge things.

The ITV deal also marks a reunion for Ramsay with ITV Television Director Kevin Lygo and Factual Entertainment ITV Chief Sue Murphy, who were the bosses of Channel 4 when the network launched two of the first. ramsay tv series, Kitchen nightmares and The word F.

“Gordon is not just a world class chef, but a world class TV presenter – it’s good to find him where it all started, with brand new shows,” Lygo said. “He’s an irrepressible talent and we look forward to his return to ITV in 2017.”

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