Hoda Kotb’s Today Show Replacement Has Fans Wondering The Same

Hannah Hargrave

Hoda Kotb took a break from hosting duties this week and his replacement on Today’s Hoda and Jennalet fans say the same.

As Hoda walked away on ThursdayJenna introduced Justin Sylvester, who quickly became a fan favorite with viewers today.

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Her recent interaction with the mom-of-three while Hoda was away was uploaded to the show’s Instagram and immediately had fans hysterical.

Jenna had a hilarious exchange with Justin Sylvester replacing Hoda

During the segment, Jenna was talking about ‘U Up?’ texts that are often sent to ask if someone is awake, to suggest a meeting in the middle of the night.

However, Jenna explained that once you have kids, the term takes on a very different meaning.

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She described how children scream for their parents in the night, causing one to turn around and wake the other to say, “You…Get up!!!

Hoda and Jenna’s show is one of their viewers’ favorites

Justin made the audience laugh by telling Jenna that he would pretend to be asleep and let the other person deal with it.

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Fans commented on the Instagram clip and wrote, “Love it when Justin co-hosts. He should do it more often. Love him,” and another added, “The way Justin has a freaking moment, then of relief, then pretend like you’re dead – I am in STITCHES”, and a third said: “They’re hilarious together.”

Many others wondered why he didn’t show up more often and said their chemistry was brilliant.

Michelle Buteau often replaces Hoda when she is absent

But Hoda and Jenna’s loyal fans don’t like to see them part ways too often as they also find the friends to be a constant source of entertainment.

The two are incredibly close both on and off screen, with Jenna recently talking about working on the NBC daytime show while talking to HELLO!.

“I feel like Hoda and I laugh hysterically, we can get into that laughter where we’re not supposed to laugh,” Jenna admitted. “That church laughter where we’re like, ‘We’re in trouble,'” she shared.

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