ITV The Chase: Viewers think show erred on dating app issue

The Chase is a staple of daytime viewing and streams of people are taking to Twitter to share their opinions and live reactions to weekday game show content. Tonight’s episode momentarily lifted viewers after they believed they spotted a mistake in one of the show’s questions.

Going up against famed Chaser Anne Hegarty, the show’s second contestant, retired teacher Stephen, 62, was asked about the “Plenty More Fish” type of website. The answer was a “dating” site, but viewers were quick to take to Twitter to share that they thought the show got the dating site name wrong.

Many took to Twitter to say they thought the dating site was called Plenty Of Fish, not Plenty More Fish as the question stated. In fact, both sites exist in the online dating world and Plenty Of Fish may be more widely known.

For the sake of the show, she kept her integrity, but fans were convinced they had made a mistake. One viewer wrote ‘Um it’s not called Plenty Of Fish? #TheChase’ while another corroborated ‘Yeah I believe they made a mistake #thechase’.

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Anne Hegerty was the hunter answering the question with the supposed “error”

Another user added: “Take it from someone who’s desperate like me, it’s POF not PMF #TheChase”

A third user was sure a mistake had been made, writing: “That’s a lot of fish, no more!”

Viewers then rushed to find out what happened and if they had in fact been able to spot a mistake in the popular quiz show.

A helpful viewer researched and wrote: ‘Plentymorefish exists I just searched for it for…uh…research purposes #TheChase’

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Plenty More Fish actually exists and includes a range of what they call “ponds” for all sorts of narrow searches in the dating world, including Christian dating, dating for the over 40s and self- saying “Naughty Dating”.

It seems like this time around the show got away with what viewers saw as a near miss, but that may be more the case as Plenty Of Fish is a better-known dating site.

The Chase airs on ITV weekdays at 5 p.m.

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