Katie Couric leads a group of new daytime talk show hosts

The daytime talk show brawl is about to heat up. Starting Monday, three new talk shows aired in an all-out push for that lucrative mainstream that Oprah Winfrey left behind in May 2011. Another newcomer launched last week and another newcomer is coming next. . Here is an overview of each competitor:

KATIE (3 p.m.)

Guests/subjects Jessica Simpson and Sheryl Crow (Monday); Aimee Copeland, student who lost limbs to flesh-eating bacteria (Tuesday); Heidi Klum (Wednesday); the women who inspired Couric — motivational speaker Brené Brown and blogger Jenny Lawson (Thursday); Jennifer Lopez (Friday).

At the end of the line The advantage goes to Katie Couric – so far. Besides Disney’s promotional muscle to back this up, she has the range and skills and talent to handle this and, in fact, says it herself: “I hope people expect that I have the ability to tackle many different topics well and from very, very serious to much lighter stories.” The question is, will viewers love his solo act as much as they loved him as part of a team on “Today”?


Guests/subjects People who say yes to life (Monday); British singing star Emeli Sande (Tuesday); a couple building America’s largest private home (Wednesday); “Sexy at any age” (Thursday); Morgan Spurlock on “What Makes a Man?” (Friday).

At the end of the line Host “Survivor” Probst promises a friendly, festive vibe (as opposed to — what? — a twisty, miserable vibe?) But will the parties hosted by Mr. Congeniality be enough to break up the mess? Waiting for the first sarcastic criticism when someone writes, “Pass me your torch, Jeff.”


Guests/subjects Weight loss (Monday); hormones (Tuesday); social media (Wednesday); female vets (Thursday); virginity (Friday).

At the end of the line Sure, you remember Ricki – an early 90s talk show host who gave talk shows a bad name. But Lake wants you to forget about all that; its debut is meant to be an “honest” and “inspiring” approach to topics for the “modern woman”, or at least inspiring until the ratings are reported.


Guests/subjects surprise marriage proposal (Monday); technological intervention (Tuesday); wedding wake-up calls (Wednesday); financial success (Thursday); family at odds (Friday).

At the end of the line Harvey is a very funny guy – one of the first kings of comedy – and has been successful in just about everything he’s done (stand-up, sitcom, radio, author). But hosting a tricky daytime self-help talk show? It seems overkill. Show got a head start on the competition by debuting last week.

TRICHA (5 p.m., from September 17)

Guests/subjects To be determined

At the end of the line Trisha who? It’s essential. Trisha Goddard is an almost complete stranger in a very crowded field. For the record, she is a British host and an expert in “conflict resolution” (who often appeared here on “Maury”). His new program is billed as “outspoken with a no-apology mentality”.

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