News daytime talk show rival Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson are ‘backing each other’

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Watch out, Whoopi Goldberg: there’s a new EGOT coming to speak during the day.

Premiering later this month in the daytime slot once occupied by Ellen DeGeneres, The Jennifer Hudson Show is about to see the Emmy, Oscar, Grammy and Tony winner take on a familiar face: his compatriot american idol former student Kelly Clarkson.

But as Hudson reveals in a new interview with the Los Angeles Timesthose who hope for a new Rivalry a la Dave vs. Jay between the two dynamos will be sorely disappointed.

Hudson describes Clarkson offering her support and guidance after her new show was announced, and says she “feels no competition” with Clarkson, with whom she has always felt a connection.

“We are two very talkative people, she explains. “We just played together recently, and I don’t know if we talked more. [or] singing. We entered the industry the same way.”

Hudson added that she is also close with Tamron Hall and Sherri Shepard, against whom she will also be competing. “We all support each other, she explains.

As for what we can expect from Hudson’s new show, Hudson says she’s not one to plan.

“I like a more organic approach,” she explains. “The questions will be prompted by my curiosity. It depends on the energy in the room. A member of the public can become the guest. They can become the performer. I want people to feel comfortable and I want cover life. We are I’m not always gonna feel optimistic every day. We may be struggling. I’ve been through the highest of highs, the lowest of lows and everything, and I want that the series reflects this.

The Jennifer Hudson Show premieres in syndication on September 12.

Jed Rosenzweig is the publisher and editor of Primetimer.

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