Peter Everett is piloting a new show, Eat with Pete.

There was a famous outpouring of viewers when he was unceremoniously dumped from Ready-to-use cooking in 2011 but host Peter Everett is back.

Kind of. If he succeeds.

Everett’s departure from the show is still the most commented on story on tv tonighttwice, but he hopes for a new pilot Eat with Pete announce his return.

The principle is simple…. the adorable and splashy host with his crew surprises people in their kitchen and prepares a dish from ingredients in their very own pantry.

It’s chop-and-chat kamikaze for the effervescent host with a legion of loyal fans.

“I’m more talkative than choppy!” But I love getting into the kitchen and just creating, he says. Television tonight.

“The important thing I learned from the show is that if you have a good pantry, all the produce, you can just play around and create your own dishes. There’s no wrong or right Just experiment.

“A lot more people, especially in the last two years from what people have told me, have been quite adventurous in their style of cooking. That’s wonderful!”

Still to be presented to the networks, Eat with Pete was born from a group of former Ready-to-use cooking crew members, 11 years after their last collaboration with Everett.

“Why isn’t Pete Everett doing anything? »

“The cameraman, an editor, a sound recordist…. different said ‘Pete, whenever we say when we worked at Ready-to-use cookingwe all go: Why isn’t Pete Everett doing anything?’

“So they all got together and said, ‘We’re going to do something with you. You tell us what you want to do and we will do it for you.

“So we did a little show and they edited it out and everybody did it for free. I’ve had a few meetings with people in Melbourne, big companies, and they might be considering sponsoring it But slowly, slowly…”

Ready-to-use cooking was nominated 4 times for Logie’s Best Lifestyle Program – a first for a daytime show. Among his guests were Manu Feildel, Shane Delia, Matt Golinski, Miguel Maestre, George Calombaris, as well as Ita Buttrose, Marcia Hines, Kyle Sandilands, Sandra Sully, Anh Do, Gina Riley, Craig McLachlan, Dr. Chris Brown, Angela Bishop , Craig Lowndes, Anthony Callea and many more.

“This show had 45,000 viewers when I took over. They said ‘Do whatever you want’ so I redid the show and within the first three months we were up to 120,000. When I left, it was 350,000. That was a lot for a daytime show, he recalled.

“Time to have fun!”

“People tell me they miss the 2-3 p.m. time slot. It’s a valuable time slot, especially when it works. It sounds arrogant, but I don’t see it as a risk. It’s time to have fun!

From early comments on a Peter Everett YouTube channel, it looks like there are fans out there ready to follow him on his next escapades.

The producers also hope that a possible series could travel through Australia.

“If we can get some funding, it would be fun to get a Jeep and go into town and look for people who would like to be on the show,” Everett says.

“You would be able to use the products. I have just come back from the Grampians discovering all these regions, like Pinnaroo with the potato growers, or the rhubarb growers. There is a wonderful little industry that is doing very well overseas. It is important to highlight these people.

“If you don’t have the country people, you don’t have the city”

“I was born in West Queensland and always realized that if you don’t have the country people, you don’t have the city. I am very passionate about country people.

Everet, who names Adam Liaw and the late Anthony Bourdain as favorite TV chefs, hopes the ‘cheap and cheerful’ style of Eat with Pete will still highlight his personality (“it’s a strength to be vulnerable”) as well as that of the subjects he intends to go door to door in the kitchen.

Based on the early scenes with his skeleton crew, Eat with Pete didn’t see him lose his unique humor.

“Some people were a little nervous that I was trying to break in…”

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