Piers Morgan ‘storms’ another ITV show in heated debate with Lorraine Kelly

Piers Morgan has done it again. The controversial TV personality has brought the drama back to our screens after storming off to another set in her first daytime appearance on ITV since last year.

The broadcaster appeared on the Lorraine show yesterday to discuss his explosive interview with former President Donald Trump. Piers joined Lorraine on the couch ahead of the launch of her new show, Piers Morgan Uncensored, which is due to air on April 25.

The Scottish presenter gave Piers a hard time as they discussed the presidential interview as well as the infamous moment he stormed Good Morning Britain following a row with weather presenter Alex Beresford . Ironically, the heated conversation led to Piers leaving the set in another huff.

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At the time, Piers was under fire for saying he didn’t believe Meghan Markle’s claims about mental health issues in his Oprah interview, with his comments leading to the most complaints to the public. ‘Ofcom story, reports CoventryLive.

Voices were raised as Lorraine said, “It was your fault though, because you stormed out. If you hadn’t come out, this wouldn’t have happened.” To which Piers replied, “I didn’t go out”, causing Lorraine to shout, “You did!” Piers continued, “Put the video of me coming home. I came back that day. I came home and finished that show. And then I chose not to apologize and leave. “

Lorraine then gestures, “You can leave now”, to which Piers stands up and yells, “I’m going with a bang!” as he leaves the set and concludes the interview. “He can’t help it,” Lorraine says, but apparently it was all a joke. Does anyone leave the set normally when Piers is around? Apparently not.

Piers Morgan announced on Twitter that he was dropping the name of his first interview for his new talk show on Wednesday night. Arriving on TalkTV on April 25, the tweet promised the interview would make “world news around the world.”

The teaser clip was released at 9 p.m., revealing it during a meeting with former United States President Donald Trump. Trump is shown in the footage saying, “OK, Piers, I’m ready,” as the pair sit face-to-face for the interview.

The 30-second clip cuts Trump saying, “I’m a very honest man, much more honest than you.” The interview seems to go downhill towards the end of the teaser, as we see Trump waving around saying, “Very dishonest, let’s end the interview. Turn off the camera.”

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