Ray D’Arcy’s show is Irish radio’s lucky charm

Ray D’Arcy is rarely disgusted by the subjects he tackles – “It’s a matter of life” is his show’s slogan, after all – but it’s still a little shocking to hear him speak casually to throw a little girl’s rabbit in an oven. Wednesday program (the Ray d’Arcy show, RTÉ Radio 1, weekdays), the host speaks to Catherine, whose two-year-old daughter recently “damaged” her beloved leporine companion, Bunny. “She thought she would warm Bunny up by throwing Bunny on Grandma’s Stanley stove,” Catherine explains. For the casual listener, it’s alarming conversation, though at least being cast as the bunny baker is an upgrade on the misogynist-laden “bunny boiler.”

Eventually, in response to worried text messages, D’Arcy clarifies that the unfortunate bunny is actually a stuffed toy rather than a pet, with the host seeming a little sniffling that people haven’t figured that out by the way. Mary’s speech about Bunny’s fur having been “melted down”. Then again, it’s hard to believe that a national radio program airs an article about fixing a stuffed toy, no matter how cute the story. The catch is that fixing the burned toy is harder than you might think: apparently even teddy bear hospitals across the country are clogged with waiting lists.

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