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The immensely talented actor Anne Heche was involved in a devastating car accident on August 5 that left her in a coma with severe brain damage; a week later she was removed from life support and declared brain dead. It was the culmination of an incredibly painful life for a brilliant performer, a woman who was able to channel the immense amount of trauma she endured and turn it into art – from being repeatedly raped as a child, suffering from the deaths of three siblings (including her brother in a car accident), having severe mental health issues, and being the queer daughter of a mother who practices “gay conversion” therapy , Heche’s life has not been easy by any stretch of the imagination.

The fact that she was able to transform the monster of suffering that was her life into such incredible art is a true tribute to her will, her skills and her steadfastness. Her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres in the late ’90s is a testament to the same courage and fearlessness she showed throughout her life. She leaves behind a large number of works, including performances that have won numerous awards, including Emmy, GLAAD Media, Soap Opera Digest, Tony and Women in Film Lucy Awards. Starting out as a soap opera star in Another world, Heche quickly entered the mainstream despite her frequent defiance of coercive social pressures. These are the best Anne Heche movies and TV shows, for a woman who will be sorely missed.


8 psychology

Gus Van Sant’s Experimental Remake psychology receives a lot of criticism, but remains one of the most audacious and interesting failures in the history of cinema. A shot-by-shot reproduction of the classic Alfred Hitchock movie, 1998 psychology has been critically reassessed in recent years as a postmodern precursor to the era of remakes and reboots we all find ourselves in. Heche takes on the role of Marion Crane, the woman who occupies the first half of the film; filling Janet Leigh’s shoes is an extremely onerous command, and yet Heche manages to do it with her own heel twist. Even though the framing and dialogue are all nearly identical to the original horror classic, Heche’s personality and appearance make for a striking ’90s twist on a classic character.

seven Six days, seven nights

Set across the beautiful island landscapes of Kauaʻi, Six days, seven nights is one of the most underrated rom-com/action-adventure hybrids that seemed to pop up in the late 80s and 90s (like true lies and Romanticize the stone). Heche stars opposite Harrison Ford as a mismatched pair stranded on an island after a thunderstorm knocks Ford’s plane to the ground; the two have bubbly chemistry here and are a perfect match for each other. The staging of comedy genius Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters, stripes, meatballs) is light-hearted and energetic, letting Heche and Ford shine among the gorgeous scenery in this seriously fun movie.

6 Gracie’s Choice

One of the best made-for-TV movies of the past two decades, Gracie’s Choice is a powerful film about three women (played to perfection by Kristen Bell, Anne Heche and Diane Ladd) torn apart by addiction and the pains of everyday life. Heche seamlessly steps into the role, perhaps drawing inspiration from her own trauma and substance use disorder as a young mother who is arrested and has her children taken away. She’s a tragic character, and Heche plays her to the fullest, humanizing her despite her many flaws and her inability to be the mother her children need, and Kirsten Bell is amazing in a first role as a caring girl. his brothers and sisters. .

5 Suspended

Suspended was a deeply underrated dark comedy starring Thomas Jane as high school athletic trainer Ray, who decides to go into prostitution. The show explores sex work from an entirely different perspective, never exploiting or mocking anyone, but always going to the jugular when it comes to provocative humor. Heche plays Jessica, Ray’s ex-wife who tries to provide for their children despite her ex-husband’s frequent absence.

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Heche does an amazing job with the frustration here, but also displays the courage, vulnerabilities, and desires of a middle-aged woman who wants to balance everything (her children, a new relationship, her ex-husband, an active sex life , work) but realizes that, in the process, she is slowly losing touch with the people she loves.

4 Cedar Rapids

One of the best independent comedies of the last decade, Cedar Rapids is an endlessly delightful and benevolent character comedy about sweet office worker Tim (Ed Helms) who attends a work conference in the titular city as a replacement for his recently deceased colleague (from autoerotic asphyxiation); there, he learns to relax a bit, navigates new relationships, and discovers that the working person, when united, has more power than elite CEOs. It’s a low-stakes gem of a film that certainly has laugh-out-loud scenes, but manages to feel like a warm hug throughout despite a few dark moments. Heche plays Joan, a charming insurance worker at the conference whom Tim falls in love with, and brings a sweet (and sometimes sultry) twist to this light-hearted comedy.

3 Birth

A very unique film, Birth chronicles Anna’s (Nicole Kidman) belief that her deceased husband was reincarnated as a child, and the consequences this has on her life. Directed with visual splendor and icy touch by Jonathan Glazer (Under the skin), Birth was a controversial film when it was released, but has been particularly acclaimed over the past two decades for its performances, including Heche as the integral role of Clara, Anna’s sister-in-law who may know more than she does. thinks.

2 Walk the dog

One of the best comedies about politics, Walk the dog is an absolutely essential film of the 90s, which became huge due to its entirely fortuitous release just before the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal and the bombings of Sudan and Iraq, both of which caused many media to draw comparisons striking with the film. A wild political satire, Walk the dog follows a kind of “false flag”, a fake war created to distract the public from the fact that the President is caught flirting with an underage girl.

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Heche is absolutely perfect as Winifred Ames, the president’s top aide who enlists conniving media specialists to stage the subterfuge; despite the incredible cast (Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Denis Leary, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, Kirsten Dunst, William H. Macy), Heche stands out as a true star.

1 walk and talk

walk and talk is a landmark film for a variety of reasons, certainly not the least of which is that it was a female-centric film made by women in an almost entirely androcentric American indie scene. The film marked the debut of great director Nicole Holofcener and launched a string of big hits for Anne Heche (Donnie Brasco, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Wag the Dog, Six Days Seven Nights, Return to Heaven). Heche and the great Catherine Keener play longtime friends whose relationship begins to falter when Heche’s character becomes engaged. It’s a tender, funny, incredibly insightful film, and Heche is arguably at his best. walk and talk confirms how tragic Heche’s loss is to the world.

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