Sherri Shepherd previews what to expect on a comedy-focused daytime talk show

“I’m not going into this show trying to be someone other than Sherri.” It’s one of Sherri Shepherd’s main goals for her new daytime talk show Sherri. Go in The Wendy Williams ShowStarting September 12, the syndicated show will be Shepherd’s first solo venture on daytime television after successful airings on View and as Wendy guest.

As the Sherri the connecting line teases: “Sherri’s warm, relatable, and engaging personality will shine through as she delivers her comedic take on current entertainment, pop culture, and hot topics with daytime audiences. As America’s favorite girl-next-door, her comedy-focused show will feature celebrity interviews, informative experts, inspirational moments and incredible everyday people to create an hour-long escape from entertainment.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference for the upcoming series, Shepherd explained his priorities for the Sherri feel. First and foremost the show will be live – a feature she loved View. And it will be edifying above all.

“We had to look at things through the lens of the funny, through the lens of joy and love, because that’s who I am,” she said. “I’m not trying to ‘get’ anyone, I’m not trying to be mean to anyone. My outlook on life is always through the prism of love.

To that end, don’t expect the host to focus on politics. Sherrias Shepherd described it, will be your daytime escape.

“I don’t think I need to look into politics. You’ve got a plethora of shows you can lean into to get your politics – #1 my old stomping ground, View“, she shared. “I am your escape from misfortune and gloom. Sometimes you want to escape, you want to relax and you want permission to breathe and feel good. That’s me! “

Speaking of ViewShepherd explained the appeal of solo hosting versus a panel to TV Insider, saying hosts like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey make her confident she can handle solo riding (the latter, Shepherd says, is one of the people she turned to for advice when signing Sherri).

“It’s always nice to have people under you and holding you, because you don’t have to do all the work,” says Shepherd. “I’ve always liked the camaraderie that there is when it comes to a panel. You can share the work. When you get the backlash, you can share it. When it’s just you as a solo artist, it’s just you. There is no net. It all depends on me. It’s a lot of responsibility, but I’ve been on the panel, I’ve co-hosted, so I’m up for the challenge of doing it myself and showing you what I’ve got.

So what will Shepherd do to make people feel good? First and foremost, it pays it forward by nurturing up-and-coming artists like Whoopi Goldberg did for her years ago. During the press conference, The sex life of college girls alum said that early in her career, when money was tight, Goldberg paid for her clothes one day, telling her to pay other struggling artists for them when she could afford it. That kindness and support in a pivotal moment coming from a legend like Goldberg has stayed with Shepherd ever since. And she will follow Goldberg’s instructions using Sherri as a platform to give people their big break.

Sherri will feature a weekly comedy segment called “Sherri’s Laugh Lounge”, during which a comedian will have the opportunity to perform a set for the audience in the studio and at home. Shepherd said she hopes it helps comedians launch their careers, like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno did on their late-night staples. Other goals she has for the show are welcoming Oprah, Michelle Obama, and Goldberg as guests (her dream lineup), as well as hosting get-togethers for The Jamie Foxx Show, Everybody loves Raymondand Girlfriends.

Shepherd has been in the industry for a long time, but this one-man daytime talk show venture has been an unfulfilled dream for nearly 20 years. Now in her 50s, Shepherd wants women her age to know that “dreams are not dead”.

“Maybe they’re just postponed, maybe you just have to grow a little bit into this dream,” she told reporters. “It’s been over 18 years in the making for me. I want to show women who are older, it’s not over. That dream you had on the Chinese shelf, you can still achieve it. This It’s not too late. In fact, it’s probably better, because you’ll appreciate it more and you have the wisdom, the confidence to go for it.

Sherri is produced by Jawn Murray (Shepherd’s producing partner and one of his closest friends) and David Perler (The Wendy Williams show, the Rosie O’Donnell show) with Suzanne Bass, Joelle Dawson and Fernita Wynn join as co-executive producers. Recorded live in New York in front of a live studio audience, Sherri is produced and distributed by Debmar-Mercury and has been licensed in 98% of the United States

SherriSeries premiere, Monday, September 12, Check your local listings

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