Sherri Shepherd’s new daytime talk show debuts soon

The talk show world is experiencing a renaissance as the new premiere of Sherri Shepherd’s daytime talk show draws closer. The new show will not only replace “The Wendy Williams Show” on set, but it will also take over its physical operation center. The promotions of the show are already at the top. Word is in the air that the show has been fully booked in the fall.

Things are also starting to fall into place in the studio setup. A huge poster of Shepherd’s show, which has yet to air, has been installed exactly where Wendy’s once stood. It was set up outside the studio on Thursday night in New York. Former host of the show, Wendy Williams also revealed that she will not be watching the new show.

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Wendy Williams won’t watch the new daytime talk show

Wendy Williams revealed in a recent interview with Fat Joe that she loves Sherri Shepherd, but won’t be watching her new show. The 58-year-old American writer says there’s nothing new to see because she already knows what Shepherd will do, and it’s not her thing.

Sherri Shepherd secured Wendy’s spot in February. She became next after becoming a permanent guest on the show. The American actress born in 1967 succeeded Wendy Wiliams for health reasons.

Wendy has been sick for a while and the show needed a replacement. Shepherd was the next viable candidate and she took over while setting things in motion. The taping for Sherri Shepherd’s new daytime talk show begins this Thursday. The premiere is scheduled for the 12th of this month.

New layout of Sherri Shepherd’s exhibition studio

Although Sherri Shepherd is moving into Wendy’s old studio, sources reveal that the space for the new show is currently being revamped. According to the source, the revamp is coming soon enough. The set already displays bright colors. Most of which consist of blue and yellow tones to complement the host’s personality and the show’s signature color.

When the studio for Sherri Shepherd’s new show opens, her celebrity pals will be at the premiere, added the source.

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