The Courtship: Who is in the cast of the Bridgerton-themed dating show?

The single person meets Bridgerton in NBCthe new Regency era dating series, The Courtship.

The immersive dating experience takes place across the English countryside as Nicole Rémy, a real Seattle spinster, searches for her very own Mr Darcy among 16 male suitors.

The Courtship aims to bring chivalry back into dating as contestants follow the social rules of the early 19th century. Instead of cocktail parties, the contestants attend masquerade balls where they are referred to only by their last name, while host Rick Edwards leads the men in a series of challenges, like archery and fencing. Each week, the suitors attend a farewell ball where a horse-drawn carriage waits to take the eliminated contestants home.

Much like courtesy etiquette of the past, eligible men must also earn the affection of Remy’s friends and family, aka his “courtship.”

the NBC series, formerly titled Pride and Prejudice: A Romantic Experience, premiered on Sunday, March 6. So who’s in the cast of The Courtship?

Ms Nicole Remy

Remy is The Courtshipthe leading lady in search of her prince charming. The 26-year-old software engineer attended the University of Southern California and later worked as an architectural associate. Although he works full-time in architecture, Remy pursued his passion for dance as a member of the Seattle Seahawks cheerleading squad for two years.

Rémy, who had been disappointed by dating apps and superficial swipes, registered on The Courtship as a way to make real and deep connections with people, she said Variety.

“I want to show that meaningful connections can still exist,” Remy said, “But more importantly, I want every girl who looks like me to find hope in this fantasy of finding true love, being valued and being valued. to feel beautiful.”

Mr Rick Edwards

Writer and animator Rick Edwards is the host of Courtship. The 42-year-old journalist is the presenter of BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast show, and hosted eight seasons of BBC Onedaytime quiz show !impossible. He is married to EastEnders actress Emer Kenny.

Dr Claire Spain-Remy

Dr Claire Spain-Rémy is Nicole’s mother and a retired obstetrician. In addition to winning the affection of The Courtship, the 16 suitors must receive the approval of Remy’s family. Dr. Spain-Rémy is very close to his daughter Nicole and “has the ability to let her guard down on those suitors, that’s when she really starts digging to find the right man for her princess. “, according to his biography.

Mr Claude REMY

Nicole’s father, Claude Rémy, is a real estate developer from Haiti who is eager to get to know his daughter’s suitors. According to his biography, Rémy “wants to help his daughter find a real family man with a good heart”.

Mrs. Danielle “Danie” Baker

Danielle Baker is the pragmatic older sister of Nicole Rémy. The 32-year-old food blogger has been married for seven years, making it easy to spot a liar a mile away. Remy’s sister is “ready to weed out those who can’t give her little sister and best friend the happy ending she deserves.”

Ms Tessa Cleary

Tessa Cleary is one of Remy’s closest friends from Seattle and is a “great judge of character”. Cleary, 25, is also a successful social media sleuth, known for tracking down the past relationships of her girlfriends’ suitors. Cleary “wants the best in a relationship for Nicole, who she believes needs a man who will be independent and strong like her, but also let her take the lead once in a while.”


Suitor Daniel Bochicchio is a real estate agent from Staten Island. The 31-year-old grew up in a big Italian house and “wants a relationship where you fight until the very last second for the person you love”.

Mr Giuseppe Castronovo

Guiseppe Castronovo, owner of a New Jersey pizzeria, also fights for Madame Rémy’s affections. Castronovo, 27, is looking for a relationship like her grandparents and a “queen to warm her heart, fill her stomach and make her laugh”.

Mr Lincoln Chapman

Lincoln Chapman, a 25-year-old model from Nashville, likes to “catch the sunsets while driving his van across the country.” He also likes to hike, run or watch Matthew McConaughey’s romantic comedies. The outdoorsy suitor is looking for a girl “who’s ready to jump in his van and start a new adventure together.”

Mr. Christian Lee Cones

Mr. Cones is relatively new to the dating business. However, her unconventional upbringing allowed her to travel the world and speak Portuguese fluently. The 25-year-old suitor from Los Angeles “always jokes that he was born in the wrong era, so he’s more than ready to put on the knight gear and fight for his love.”

Mr Lewis Echavarria

Lewis Echavarria, 26, is a licensed mortgage consultant and real estate agent from Miami. As a fitness coach, Echavarria also helps busy professionals get in the best shape of their lives. This suitor “wears his heart on his sleeve and hopes to find that forever love to start a big family together.”

Mr Jaquan Holland

Jaquan Holland is a teacher from Long Island, New York who has had enough of the superficial dating scene. Her hobbies include photography, reading and the arts. Holland, 30, doesn’t care about followers or status, and seeks to connect on a deeper level with the right person.

Mr. Dan Hunter

Suitor Dan Hunter is a romantic at heart who goes out of his way to make romantic gestures for his partner. Hunter, 32, grew up on a boat and traveled the world with his parents until he was 17. For this suitor, a true test of a relationship is “having his love interact with his family, and having a special lady accompany him on his worldly journeys.”

Mr Derek Kesseler

Originally from Canada, Derek Kessler, 31, is an adventurer who believes in spontaneity. Besides hiking, golfing, and camping, Kessler enjoys cooking and is ready to impress on a date with his Canadian cuisine. This suitor “is ready to find someone who can approach life with as much passion as he does.”

Captain Danny Kim

After serving in the Air Force as a captain, Kim started his own business as a trusted trainer for men. The 31-year-old from Seoul, South Korea has had his fair share of heartbreak, but is now at a point “where he loves himself and is now ready to share his life with someone who wants to grow with him. him”.

Mr. Alex “Achilles” King

Alex “Achilles” King is a 35-year-old online fitness coach from San Diego, California. King was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up reading Shakespeare, which “led him to explore the true art of romance.” After losing his mother in 2021, King feels “mentally, physically and spiritually ready to find the one woman who can make his life complete.”

Mr. Chandler “Chan” Luxury

Chandler Luxe, 24, is a musician from West Hollywood who hopes to make it in the music industry and is looking for someone who can make his dreams come true.

Mr Charlie Mumbai

Hailing from Kent, England, Charlie Mumbray is a model and personal trainer who “likes to spoil his girlfriends with gifts and trips.” The 25-year-old suitor has traveled extensively and is ‘ready to fall in love with the right woman and give her all of his heart’.

Mr Peter SAFA

Peter Saffa, a 23-year-old social media manager from Missouri, is looking for love he can’t find by swiping on dating apps. This hopeless romantic believes “you can never go wrong with a candlelit dinner and red wine.”

Dr Jarrett Schanzer

Jarrett Schanzer is an anesthesiologist from Miami who has dedicated his life to helping others since he was in a plane crash at the age of nine. The 35-year-old suitor has a “cheerful personality and positive energy”, and he is passionate about mental health, life coaching, fitness and nutrition.

Mr Nate Shanklin

Born and raised in Sacramento, Nate Shanklin “is a romantic at heart and goes after what he wants.” The 34-year-old IT recruiter shows his love by being chivalrous and buying flowers for his girlfriend. Not only is this suitor a talented singer, but he’s also “ready for love and thinks his experiences have turned him into someone who can go the distance.”

Mr. Caleb Ward

For this Virginia native, Caleb Ward’s dream girl is kind-hearted, family-oriented and independent. The 24-year-old content creator has been unlucky when it comes to dating apps and has even considered finding love overseas.

New episodes of The Courtship premiere on Sundays at 8 p.m. NBC and are available to stream the next day on Peacock.

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