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Jennifer Hudson has many talents. After all, she is the youngest celebrity to achieve EGOT status. After playing in Respecta biopic on the extraordinary life and career of the late Aretha Franklin, you would think the american idol alum is reportedly resting, but Hudson is still working on his next step. This time, Hudson is showing fans that she’s more than just a singer and actress. The next addition to his lengthy resume? Talk show host. The Jennifer Hudson Show will be presented next month. Farewell, feature films; hello, day!

last November, Variety reported that Hudson was launching a daytime series, The Jennifer Hudson Show, at Warner Bros. with her as host. Although not exactly a Ellen replacement (Ellen ended its 19-year run in May), Hudson’s new talk show will be taped on Ellen’s previous batch and be produced by many former Ellen Staff.

Despite its controversies, Ellen was one of the most-watched talk shows in years, so fingers crossed that similar ratings and reviews will follow for The Jennifer Hudson Show. Plus, we know the powerhouse singer is going to put her own spin on daytime TV. She’s already promised fans that they’re going to have “quality, you’re going to have honesty, you’re going to have all my heart, and don’t forget the fun.” And this isn’t Hudson’s first stint on daytime television; she recently won an Emmy for her role as executive producer in the animated film Baby Yaga.

Ready for singing battles, guest celebrities and more? Read on for the premiere date and everything you need to know about The Jennifer Hudson Show.

What is The Jennifer Hudson Show on?

Hudson’s new show goes beyond celebrity guests and musical performances, though we know you can’t have a daytime series without both. Rather, this hour-long series takes a look at everyday heroes, whether they’re people with powerful untold stories or viral thrills, according to a press release.

Essentially, the objective behind The Jennifer Hudson Show is to enable meaningful conversations and to be a “destination to laugh, learn and feel inspired”.

“I’ve been through a lot of life and I’m still here,” Hudson says in a short teaser video of the next talk show. “Now it’s time to sit down and have fun. I want to talk to someone.

The Jennifer Hudson Show arrives September 12.

Good news: you won’t have to wait long for Hudson’s new show. He will debut on September 12, which is also his 41st birthday. You can watch the series on Fox TV, but it will also air on channels owned by Hearst Television, Sinclair Broadcast Group, TEGNA, Nexstar Media Group, and other stations.

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As for watching the show live? There are tickets. All you have to do is request tickets on the show’s website and you’re done!

Watch the trailer for The Jennifer Hudson Show.

In July, Hudson took the exciting news to Twitter, sharing a promo for The Jennifer Hudson Show. The 30 second trailer opens with Hudson speaking to the audience, blowing kisses, laughing and singing before announcing, “It’s time, people!”

She then adds: “We all have a story to tell. We all want to find our light and let it shine. So, let’s come together to laugh out loud, share some hope and joy, and reconnect with each other.

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Promo: ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’ plans to spotlight everyday stories

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