The Price Is Right’s Bob Barker Has Hosted More Game Shows Than You Probably Think

Before “The Price Is Right” came into his life, Barker was the host of “Truth or Consequences.” In 1956, Barker was hired to host the show, in which contestants performed stunts, and if they failed one, they were given a series of quick questions to answer. Barker hosted the competition series until 1974, meaning there were several years of overlap with his time hosting “The Price Is Right” since he was hired for that gig in 1972.

Before hitting television, “Truth or Consequences” was actually broadcast on NBC radio and directed by Ralph Edwards from 1940 to 1957, according to the Daytime Television Encyclopedia. Other television hosts besides Barker came, including Edwards, Jack Bailey, Steve Dunne, Bob Hilton and Larry Anderson. It was also later adapted for British television as “Would I lie to you?” Hosted by Steve Penk, the adaptation aired from 1998 to 1999.

Barker knew about the “Truth or Consequences” radio show before he became a host and he considered Ralph Edwards an influence and one of the biggest figures in television entertainment, the host told the Television Academy Foundation.

According to Barker in the same interview, Edwards came up with the idea to hire Barker after he was unhappy with the host auditions and turned on his car radio and heard Barker’s voice.

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