Video shows Ethan Crumbley, a school shooting suspect, tripping and collapsing on the job. Parents say he didn’t eat enough that day – Crime Online

A year before he shot several classmates down in a mass shooting, suspected gunman Ethan Crumbley collapsed in the restaurant where he worked – and the disturbing incident was caught on camera.

TMZ and the Daily Mail obtained surveillance footage of the 5-1 Diner in Oxford, Michigan, where Crumbley worked in September 2020. The footage shows the teenager walking very unsteadily through what appears to be a food preparation area , then collapsing into the earth. According to reports, Crumbley hit his head against a cabinet when he fell.

As the Daily Mail report notes, the video shows Crumbley struggling to get up when a colleague approaches him to help him.

“Hold on, are you okay?” The male colleague said in the pictures. “Yeah, I don’t feel…” Crumbley said, pausing.

Supervisors at Crumbley reportedly sent him home from work and contacted his parents, who now face manslaughter charges in connection with the deadly Oxford High School shooting earlier this month.

“We sent him home,” the restaurant owner told “The mother said it was just because he hadn’t eaten anything. It seems a lot not to eat.

As previously reported, Crumbley’s father purchased the gun Crumbley allegedly used in the school shooting four days before the suspect fatally shot four classmates and injured several other people. Crumbley is being held without bond and will be tried as an adult.

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