Wendy Williams disgusted by latest episode of The Wendy Williams Show, says she’s ready to ‘F–k’ after messy divorce

If there’s one thing Wendy Williams is good at, it’s speaking — and she certainly didn’t hold back during a recent interview with the New York Post. Williams shared his thoughts on everything from the lackluster finale to The Wendy Williams Show to the current state of his love life, or lack thereof.

Williams, who turned her budding career as an on-air radio personality into an even more successful career as a talk show host in 2009, revealed she was unimpressed with the final episode of his long-running television show. “There was nothing I liked about the [the final episode of] ‘Wendy Williams show“, she said, before noting that she had not even been asked to participate in the final sending of the show. “I sat in my apartment and watched it. And [I was] like, ‘Ech!’

Wendy Williams disgusted by her show’s final episode, says she’s ready to ‘F–k’ after messy divorce

The final episode was hosted by Sherri Shepherd, who frequently filled in for Williams as she moved away for medical reasons. Now Shepherd is set to take over William’s enviable time slot with his own daytime talk show – news that Williams didn’t like too much.

But Williams’ real point of contention may lie with her show’s production company, Debmar-Mercury, who considered extending an invite to her for the show’s final episode. “Debmar-Mercury, in my opinion, should have done it with [me]not those other people on The Wendy Williams Show“, she insisted.

Wendy also discussed her future plans, including starting a podcast and breaking into the food industry. “If you are extremely famous like me, [hosting a podcast] will make more money than being on ‘The Wendy Williams Show,“, she joked before noting that her new podcast should be called “The Wendy Experience”.

She also dropped some interesting tidbits about who she hopes to interview on her podcast, saying, “I can’t wait to meet people like Donald Trump,” before adding, “What I want to do is podcast, and I want to have a restaurant.”

But the conversation quickly turned from career aspirations to Wendy’s hopes of finding love in the near future. She even expressed how excited she was to explore new avenues in her sex life, “If I don’t do anything else, including the podcast, I’d love to fall in love. I want to fuck.

Never one to use a filter when it comes to sharing her innermost thoughts, Wendy continued, “Excuse me, I’m gorgeous. Can I fk?. Wendy and her husband of more than two decades, Kevin Hunter, finalized their divorce in 2020 after it was revealed he had fathered a secret child with his mistress, Kevin Hunter.

Despite the end of her talk show and her health issues and her sleazy ex-husband, Wendy said she has no intention of slowing down and feeling sorry for herself. “Maybe I’ll come back to TV. Maybe I do not know. “I have so much money that I can do whatever I want, or nothing at all,” she said.

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