Wilmington-filmed PBS TV show ‘Start Up’ earns 3 Emmy nominations

A TV show filmed in Wilmington last year has been nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards, the benchmark for daytime TV awards.

The PBS documentary series “Start Up,” which features host Gary Bredow examining the inner workings of small start-ups from across the country, shot five of its 13 episodes in Wilmington last year.

These episodes featured Wilmington businesses TRU Color Brewery, Bitty and Beau’s Coffee, End of Days Distillery, Genesis Block Business Development Center, and Sea Love Sea Salt.

The PBS series START UP is set in the Wilmington area filming at the End of Days Distillery in Wilmington.

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominations on May 5.

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“Start Up” earned Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Writing Team in a Daytime Nonfiction Program; Outstanding Day Program Facilitator for Host Gary Bredow; and Outstanding Cast, essentially a boost for the companies the show has chosen to focus on.

START UP, an entrepreneurship series airing on PBS, tours the Wilmington area at local breweries, distilleries and coffeehouses.

“I really enjoyed how (the show) highlighted the difficulties and challenges of start-ups, but allowed our company to have a very positive vibe,” said Shane Faulkner of End of Days Distillery to PBS for an article on its website. “The exposure was also a huge plus.”

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Jim R. Roberts of the nonprofit Network for Entrepreneurs in Wilmington said his group was responsible for bringing the show to Wilmington and finding the businesses that appeared there.

“One thing that blew our minds was the social entrepreneurship in Wilmington, Bredow told StarNews last year. “We’re really impressed with the startup ecosystem here.”

The winners of the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards will be announced live June 24 during CBS and the Paramount+ streaming service.

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